Calvary Church

Naperville’s Megachurch

In 1967, a group of college graduates embarked on a church-planting journey, unaware of the gravity behind their calling. What began as a building in downtown Naperville and a few members of the community quickly grew into a thriving church. With their numerous resources, Calvary has become a church dedicated to outreach. With ministries tailored to members of both the Asian-Indian and Hispanic populations, they have brought numerous groups of people into their family.

Every weekend, thousands flock to their campus at Route 59 and Montgomery Road. Thousands participate in their bible studies and classes. Their footprint on the community of Naperville is large, and commitment to bringing everyone closer to Christ is substantial.

Through all of their outreach and ministry opportunities, Calvary is clearly a

Church for people all shapes and sizes.

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Calvary Church believes that truth is found in Jesus Christ as communicated in the Bible. People can discover their true identity when Jesus Christ is their Savior and Lord.

We believe:

  • The Bible is inspired
  • There is one true God
  • Jesus Christ is fully God
  • Mankind willfully sinned against God
  • The salvation of mankind
  • The ordinances of the church—Water Baptism and Communion
  • The baptism of the Holy Spirit

At Calvary Church, we believe that the following four core values are deeply important in our spiritual lives.

Worship: Actively involved in a personal and corporate encounter with God

Grow: Committed to ongoing spiritual and relational health

Connect: Building a relationship with others and God

Serve: Living a life of service

We strive to center our activities and events around these values because we believe that these are important steps as we grow in our relationship with God.

Calvary offers worship services multiple times throughout the week:

  • Saturdays at 5pm.
  • Sundays at 9am and 11am
  • Wednesdays at 7pm.
  • While the services are offered on different days at different times, their styles are all similar. The Wednesday night services are a bit smaller, which means a change in instrumentation in the band, and more interactive teaching, but all services are under the same umbrella style of worship.

The Worship Space and Bulletin

Walking into Calvary Church, it seems like the entire church is transformed into a worship center for Sunday mornings. Rooms off the main hall are full of Children and Student Ministry opportunities for worship. The fellowship hall is set up Calvary en Español, and the chapel is ready for Calvary Indian Church. All of those spaces, and you haven’t even entered the worship center yet! On every screen, the time is counting down until the service begins, and you join the mass of people who are flocking towards the worship center for worship.

Entering into their worship space, you are met with thousands and thousands of seats. The stadium seating all facing the front of the room, where the choir and worship band are anticipating the beginning of worship. Yet, as the music begins, people continue to flood the center. It seems that many come in right up until the end of the second song. With such a large place, everyone can find a seat.

You are handed a bulletin as you enter the worship space. To see an example, click here.

Congregation Demographics and Participation

Of all of the churches in this project, Calvary is the most diverse. While its Indian and Español churches reach those of difference ethnicities, their normal services alone see people of many different races and ages.

The Assemblies of God is apart of the Pentecostal church, which is apart of the charismatic movement, which encourages expressive worship participation. It is not unusual to see people at Calvary worshiping with their arms raised high, or standing in worship when most are sitting.

Worship Music

The worship music at Calvary is very contemporary, playing songs such as Reckless Love. Their worship band is a mixture of what you would normally see at a contemporary church (guitars, drums, keys, vocalists, etc.) and a large choir on risers. They feature a main worship leader, and the lead vocalists change every song.


At Calvary, the Sermon is a huge part of their worship service, taking up half of the time! They use the sermon-series approach. You can find recordings of their sermons here.

Offering and Announcements

The offering takes place during worship, and their announcements come towards the end of the service (usually via a video).

Order of Service

Their order of service follows the contemporary approach:

  1. Opening Worship Song
  2. Greeting Neighbors
  3. 3-4 more worship songs with Offering during one of them
  4. Sermon
  5. worship song
  6. Announcements
  7. Closing Words/Benediction

They did not serve communion the weekend of my observation. To learn about how they do communion, click here.

What it’s like to be a visitor?

Since there are so many people at every worship service, they encourage visitors to go to the visitor center, which is located outside of the worship center. There, you will meet people who are welcoming and ready to talk to you and answer all of your questions!

You are also handed a visitors card when you walk into the worship center. To see what that looks like, click here.

Live Stream

No matter where you are, you can be apart of the Calvary worship experience every week! Click here to live stream their worship services on Sundays at 9 & 11am (CST) and Wednesdays at 5pm (CST)

According to DataUSA, 3.9% of Naperville’s population are native Spanish speakers. But in the neighboring city of Aurora, that number reaches a staggering 33.7%. In fact, the hispanic population of Aurora outnumbers the white population by 5%! Receptive to the cultural shifts in both Naperville and Aurora over the years, Calvary established Calvary en Español, a congregation of 800 Spanish speaking people from more than 17 countries. With its own pastor and worship band, this “church-within-a-church” brings more and more people into the Calvary family.

To learn more about Calvary en Español, you can either read their description on the Calvary Website, or go to the Spanish Website.

A more recent addition to the church, the Calvary Indian Church reaches the ever-growing Indian population of Naperville and its surrounding suburbs. With the recent opening of the Patel Brother’s Indian Grocery Store, its clear that the Asian Indian population is growing and thriving in Naperville. In response, Calvary has created a ministry based in reaching those people. With songs in Indian languages, this new addition to the church provides a new opportunity for people to meet and fellowship with those who share Indian cultural roots! To learn more about the Indian Church, click here.

Calvary’s Midweek Worship opportunities stretch from numerous bible studies and classes throughout the week, to corporate worship on Wednesdays. Experiences for the whole family, this is an opportunity to connect with God and other christians throughout the entire week!

To learn about all of their Midweek Worship experiences, click here.

Calvary Church has grown exponentially over the past decade. Thousands have flocked to this church, and thousands sit in its sanctuary week after week. With its numerous ministries, its christian school, and its cafe and coffee shop, it has become a center of outreach for the community. Yet it wasn’t always that way.

In 1967, a group of Central Bible College graduates embarked on a journey to plant a church in Naperville. Rather than starting with a congregation, they purchased a building and went door-to-door inviting the citizens of Naperville to worship with them. From its humble beginnings, this church has grown and prospered.

To read the rest of their story, click here.

Website: Calvary Church

Address 9S200 State Route 59 | Naperville, Illinois 60564

Phone Number: (630)-851-7000