Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

One Church: Two Venues

Since its founding in 1979, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church has flourished and thrived in the Naperville community. From its humble beginnings in a much smaller building off of Westmoreland lane, Good Shepherd has been a church rooted in biblical teaching. Over the years it has grown into the largest ELCA congregation in Naperville, and has used its resources to be a light in the community. With its involvement in the conversations about the current mental health crisis and its numerous worship opportunities (totaling at 6 every weekend!), Good Shepherd is clearly a

Church Committed to the Naperville Community

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Reach and transform spiritually distracted people so we all love and serve God.

  1. Prayer is intentional
  2. Relationships are caring
  3. Worship is passionate
  4. Kids matter
  5. Teaching is biblical and transformational
  6. Spiritual growth is expected
  7. generosity is a way of life

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is a multi-worship-venue church with six different services in any given weekend. These six services encompass four different styles of worship: traditional, informal-contemporary, contemporary, and interactive-teaching. Offering a wide range of music and liturgy, each of type of worship has something unique to offer!

Sanctuary Worship Times: Sunday at 8:00am, 9:30am, and 11:00am

Worship Center Worship Times: Saturday at 5:05pm, Sunday at 9:29pm and 11:01am.

A bulletin full of announcements and information is handed out at every service. To see a copy of this bulletin, click here.


The 8:00am service is the most traditional offered at Good Shepherd. You will mostly find older members of the congregation attending this service, however, there are a few families. Despite the sanctuary’s large size, this service sees 40-50 people in attendance every week. The music consists of traditional hymns led only by an organ, and the traditional liturgy stays the same week after week. You will experience the typical acts of worship: Call to Worship, Prayer of Confession, Service of the Word (readings of scripture), Offertory, Communion (offered every week), Lords Prayer, Apostles Creed, etc., and will have a rather intimate experience compared to some of the other services offered at Good Shepherd. To see a copy of the bulletin that is handed out at this service, click here.


While similar in liturgy and music to the 8:00am service, this service has a completely different atmosphere. The 9:30 hour is the busiest time at Good Shepherd on Sunday mornings. This sanctuary service is packed full of people of all ages! Its the only time during the day that you see the sanctuary nearing its capacity.

Unlike the 8:00am service, the traditional hymns are led by a full choir with an organ accompanist. In addition to these hymns, the choir also performs a reflective piece and special music for occasions such as baptisms. The liturgy is incredibly similar and follows the same order, but it is written by the traditional worship director and changes week after week. Communion is offered on the first and third Sundays of the month.

If you’re looking for a lively traditional service, this one is really great! To see a copy of the bulletin that is handed out at this service, click here.


Perhaps the most unique worship experience at Good Shepherd, the 11:00am service in the sanctuary is a more recent addition to their Sunday morning experience. As seen in the video above, this service emphasizes being the disciple through going out and serving together in the community.

Entering into the sanctuary for this service, the space has transformed into something new. The altar has moved up closer to the seats, and runners are placed over the pews, opening up only the first few rows. Clearly, this is a smaller, more interactive service. While there are typically only 20-30 people in attendance, it is a mixture of all ages. All ages sharing in intentional conversation throughout the service.

The music in this service is more contemporary, with a piano, two guitars, and a few vocalists. These songs come from a variety of different traditions, making the experience diverse and different week after week.

The liturgy is written by a team lead by the Traditional Worship Director, and the teaching is interactive and more heavily based in the word. Its meant to be more like a bible study as people engage in conversations with the pastor and one another.

This service is a new experience, different from anything else I’ve observed. It places a further emphasis on community, and looks at the bible in a deeper and more critical way.

Communion at this service is by intinction and happens every week.

9:29 & 11:01

For the most part, all of the services in the Worship Center are the same. Same music, same scripture, same sermon, same order of service.

The music is led by the Eleven Eleven Band, a worship band featuring multiple vocalists, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, and keys. They play a variety of contemporary worship music mixed with contemporized versions of hymns. At the Saturday services at 5:05, the music setup is a bit more informal with less musicians and a calmer atmosphere.

Communion is taken every week at these services by intinction.

At each service you will people of all ages, all participating and singing. These services overall are fuller than those in the sanctuary, so while Good Shepherd is a multi-venue church, the majority of the congregation attends the contemporary services.

Good Shepherd hopes that you will come away with the desire to draw closer to Christ, that you’d like to go out and change the world for the better. To quote Craig Parsons, their traditional worship director,

When people leave a worship service, it would be so nice to think that they just aren’t the same person they were when they walked in, and that they want to go out and do something different, want to make a difference in people’s lives.

Contemporary Worship Director, Ryan Hammer, says that he hopes you would “open your hands and offer your heart.”

Good Shepherd is pretty involved in the local community! They are among the founding congregations that started Samaracare, and they are actively running a Mental Health Ministry to meet the needs of the community, and are participating in Feed the Need, Pray Naperville, and numerous other community projects. Through their Cornerstone Cafe, they hope to be a community meeting space and place of outreach for the 60% of citizens who don’t have a church home.

Good Shepherd’s worship band, The Eleven Eleven Band, has released a few of their own albums! Take a listen to their Spotify playlist!

Website: Good Shepherd Naperville

Address: 1310 Shepherd Drive Naperville, Illinois 60565

Phone Number: (630)-961-9220

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